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Mila Hendrix & J Mac



Mila Needed Some Help

So this week we brought back homeboy J Mac to the bus. We wanted to go find some pussy to stomp out. We got lucky it was a nice day too, since Hurricane Mathew passed us by. Lots of people out and about. So it didn’t take long to find our girl, her name was Mila. She was stranded on the side of the road with a broken bike. She looked helpless, so I told Jmac to help her out, turns out she popped her inner tube. Mila was hostile at first, but then we flashed her some cash and she became more docile. I told her I’d give her a 100 bucks if she got in the bus with us and she did. Mila really needed money to fix her bike because every time I flashed bills at her, clothes would come off her body. I told Mila that If she fucked my boy Jmac that I would pay her more and she believed me. Next thing you know, she’s getting fucked on the bus floor in all sorts of Jmac positions, I think he even made up a few for the bus. He fucked Mila so good she didn’t even realize we took our money back and kicked her off the bus with her broken ass bike. What a day!

Date: December 22, 2022
Actors: j mac / Mila Hendrix

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